Denis R Bedford

Denis Bedford built his first car, a three quarter midget at 15 years of age. In 1965 his first road registered car was constructed from marine plywood covered with fibreglass, and filled and sanded prior to painting, this proved to be very strong but a very time consuming process, from that time on all his cars, over 500, mainly body chassis units, have been made using fibreglass moulds produced from full-size plugs created from various materials including, wood, plaster, metal mesh, fibreglass, plastic putty etc, etc.

In 1973 while a partner in the Melbourne (Australia) based SEA TIGER MARINE, manufacturer of high performance marine engines, he constructed his first car produced from fibreglass moulds, this car received rave reviews from the motoring press of the time, for the attention to detail and quality of construction.

Trading under the name DRB sportscars in 1981 he commenced fulltime production of the Volkswagen based kitcar named the SABRE, this was the first in a rage of Volkswagen based cars that included the Magnum, Marauder, Taipan, Aztec, Sabre Mk 2

Being a big fan of Jaguar cars, having   previously owned an E type and a few XJ6 sedans, he decided in 1990 to build a car very similar to the E type on a chassis of his own design, and powered by an Australian inline 6 cylinder motor and transmission, this turned out to be a big mistake, no cars were sold and a rethink was required, it was at this time he noticed the ever increasing popularity of the Cobra replica and decided that this was the car to build for the Australian market and in 1992 commenced production of a Cobra replica that utilised components from Australian production cars, the DRB Cobra was created and proved to be immensely popular with the home builder, it could be completed quickly, easily, and cheaply, the unit was sold as a body chassis unit assembly with doors, boot, bonnet, all hinged and aligned, the owner has only to attach suspension, motor etc to already fitted chassis brackets, which made it possible for those with little mechanical aptitude to complete the car and enjoy its performance.

In 1996 the DRB GT40 was created for the serious car builder, DRB kits have always been sold as complete body chassis units with all body components fitted and aligned, and the DRB GT40 was no exception, this was well accepted by the owners. The GT40 was a little more complicated than the average kitcar to build, so the pre-assembly allowed much quicker completion time. Approximately 280 Cobra replicas and 30 GT40 replicas were sold before Denis retired, both of these cars are still made today by DRB Sportscars in S.E.Queensland Australia.

In retirement, 2003 he built himself a replica of the Jaguar XJ220 a car he sold before completion and then in 2004 went on to construct  replicas of the Jaguar XJ13 a very beautiful Le Mans car built by Jaguar in 1964 and powered by the very first Jaguar V12 motor. This car is now built in the USA

Retirement was not a suitable decision for someone who has been building cars all his life and it was not long before he started thinking of full time production once again, and in 2006 built the Silverstone Roadster, followed by ’32 Speedster and then in 2008 the SC540 (now sold as the DRB540) -- 2009,  replicas of the D Type Jaguar – 2012 the ’48 Coupe –2013 Copycat Cobra – 2016 the production equipment for the ACR Stryker 
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